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<DIV><FONT face="Abadi MT Condensed Light" color=#33ccff>Name: Emily<BR>Age/Birthday: 14/ march second 1990<BR>Sign: picses<BR>Sexual Preference: boys<BR>School and/or job: dallas.. no job<BR><BR>thoughts on:<BR>pre-marital sex: i think if your really in love you and feel the time is right and know all consciquenses, go for it.<BR>abortion: you knew what would happen before you went out and got pregnant, so its your fault and should have been though about before anything got as far as sex. but as for rape, you cant help that.<BR><BR>what does this word make you think of:<BR>ice cream: yumm<BR>cherries: red<BR>whipped cream: i think i just made an ice cream sundae<BR><BR>post 3+ pics of you. and <B>absolutely no nudity</B></FONT></DIV>
<P><FONT face="Abadi MT Condensed Light" color=#33ccff><STRONG></STRONG></FONT>&nbsp;</P>
<P><FONT face="Abadi MT Condensed Light" color=#33ccff><IMG style="WIDTH: 669px; HEIGHT: 566px" height=634 src="http://img45.photobucket.com/albums/v138/Words_not_told/28b690ac.jpg" width=812></P>
<DIV>mona and i at honor society, 2004. i am in the white dress.sorry about the gray line, photobucket isnt great.</DIV>
<DIV><IMG style="WIDTH: 427px; HEIGHT: 469px" height=571 src="http://img45.photobucket.com/albums/v138/Words_not_told/Last_day_Chris_Joee_I_Di_em.jpg" width=563></DIV>
<DIV><BR>mmk, top row is chris, joey then mona. bottom row is diana then me on the last day of school.</DIV>
<DIV>&nbsp;</DIV></FONT><FONT lang=0 face=Metro color=#8080ff PTSIZE="8">sorry i only have two pictures..</FONT>

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