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Yay App.!



FINALLY its ready! You have no idea how many times i have written this out and had my computer freeze!:( 

~^Name^~ Tanya Alexandra:)
~^Age^~19 woohoo
~^Zodiac Sign^~Cancer
~^Location^~Cape cod Mass

~^Bands^~ Evanesence,Dashboard Confessionals,Taking Back Sunday,Seether
~^Movies^~ 50 first dates:) finding nemo,the butterfly effect.
~^Books^~ The book of mormon
~^TV Shows^~ simpsons,everybody loves raymond,heh(i love that show),all those dating shows...they make me laugh at how wierd people can be
~^Actresses/Actors^~ Julia Roberts,Vigo morrison(or however you spell it)
~^color(s)^~ PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What are you're hobbies and interests? I love to write,sing,dance. I'm a published poet though I wish that i could start my own BOOK one day. I love to sing just about anything. Training my voice keeps me busy. And I dance all kinds. Belly dancing is fun and so is swing! Gotta love that swing!

Who is your Role Model and why? My mom ALL the way. She raised me as a single parents because my dad didnt wanna be a dad at 35 so she divorced him. And she is honestly my best friend. She is the only person i know i can come to when things are bad.Or just about anything.I love her to death.

What are your pet peeves? People who chew thier gum so loudly i wanna smack them;) lol. Getting stuck in mud..(not much fun) And i'd have to say people who have bad hygiene..I dont know why but the site of oily hair drives me up a wall...I am so wierd i know.

What is your most phrase? My who? Probably"Nuh uh!"

Where was your first kiss and how old were you? [if you havent had your first kiss yet how old do you think you will be and where would you want it to happen?]
I was 17,and it was with this HOT HOT cowboy in my room. He was deliering hay from ny and he slept over.....he wasnt supossed to stay in my room but we played games all night and the kissing just happend. Gosh i was a lucky girl:)

What makes you think that you should be accepted to none_better? Because i am in a comm your in:) And I think you all rock. Plus...i'm such a dork i could bring some laughter to the place. Plus i;ll premote!!

Whats your opinion on..

Drugs? Yuck.

Love? Even yuckier. Just kidding. I believe in love. I have been in love. But it wasnt..TRUE love.

School? I love it when i teach myself;) I was a home schooler

Work? I love my job. And i think work CAN be fun if you make it.

Food? My thought on it? NOw you made me hungry!:)


~^What is the weirdest thing you've ever seen^~Oh Oh yeah..this was wierd alright. My BEST friend at the another girl. best friend was so far from being bi it wasnt even funny and then one day she ended up dating this girl. But i was cool with it. Just REALLy surprised.

~^What is something unique about you^~ I can speak ukrianian and ive been riding my horses since i was born.

~^Tell us something that makes you laugh^~ Ok i know this is stupid but this was an actual convo between my best friend and i.
Me: My boobs hurt.
Melody: Why?
 Me:Because I was slammed into a wall
Melody: BY WHO?!?!?!?
Me: Me.
Melody: Uhhhhhhh
Me: Yeah i walked into the wall again shut up.
~^Now post 3-5 pictures of ur self.. please have atleast 2 where your face is clear and 1 where you're smiling^~

~~~Who promoted you to our community? and Who have you promoted us too?[give url]
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